You wish there were 40 hours in a day and don’t have the time to spare for your bookkeeping, accounting and the tax compliance that comes with running a business. Focus on what you do well, running your business and leave the rest up to advisors you trust! With MSCPA, trust is predicated upon three core values: experience, knowledge, and relationships.

Most start-ups fail because of poor planning and lack of money or poor financial management. Those that succeed have a solid plan for growth and an efficient method for achieving it. You need a small business accountant for your start-up that will be your trusted advisor with you throughout the business lifecycle – from hanging your shingle to incorporation to closing up shop.

Since running a business is hectic and challenging I provide more than just tax preparation and annual financial statements for my clients. I provide them with business advice when they need it most. If you’re looking for an advisor that you can reach year round for things related to growing your business, it’s time to call.

  • It’s time to separate your business from your personal life?
  • Your shoebox just doesn’t work?
  • You don’t have the time or the resources?
    The rules keep changing?


– You don’t know how or when to file.

– You don’t know what products/services are GST/RST exempt.

– Doing business in other provinces complicates matters.


– You don’t have the time.

– The rules keep changing.

– Your shoe-box accounting method just doesn’t cut it anymore.


– You need to separate your personal and business transactions.

– You can lower the taxes you pay.

– You want to plan for the future growth of the business.