You may be a busy professional that does not have the time to worry about the business side of what you do. You want to do what you do best, service your clients. MSCA can help you understand your business model so you can make the most of it

If you are just starting out, expanding or planning to incorporate your practice, it’s time we met. The tax and incorporation advice that you will receive is tailored to your situation – and not a one size fits all approach. I can help you make informed intelligent business decisions that will help keep your hard earned money where it belongs, in your business.


– Incorporation is a huge decision with advantages and disadvantages.

– Unique rules exist for professionals becoming incorporated.

– Incorporation can help you plan for your future.


– Your time is better spent working in your business with your clients or patients.

– You don’t know what you can or cannot write off.

– You don’t have the time or the resources if audited.


– Your family members can become shareholders.

– You can reduce taxes through income splitting.

– You may want to sell your business and retire.